Approach Access Control Your Way  

Did you know the first codable keycard was invented in 1975? Since then, keycard technology has only gotten smarter and more customizable, allowing users to remotely open doors, set schedules, and manage unique permissions for each user. 

Today’s keycard security systems offer unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need to create new keys for every employee. If you’re in the market for a new keycard security system in Milwaukee, consider your options below. 

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1. Choose A Cloud or On-Premise System 

One of the first decisions to make is whether to opt for a cloud-based or on-premise keycard solution. At Fearing’s, we provide both options to our clients. 

So, what’s the difference? On-premise systems are installed locally on your company’s computers and servers. Alternatively, cloud-based system data is stored on remote third-party servers, like the cloud systems you already use, such as Google Drive or Salesforce. 

Most users find cloud-based systems to be more convenient and flexible. While some businesses choose locally stored systems due to security concerns, that security will ultimately fall on your organization to manage. Third-party cloud-based systems (like our partner Verkada) typically offer extremely secure encryption and are routinely upgraded with new security patches. 

2. Customize Your Own Keycards 

Access control systems like Verkada let you create, customize, and instantly print keycards just how you want them. Through the Verkada Command interface, you’ll design custom badges by inserting pictures, logos, employee titles, and more. You can also enable Bluetooth or physical ID credentials through one click. The Verkada system is also compatible with brand card formats like HID or Schlage.  

3. Explore Additional Access Control Methods 

We know we’re talking about keycard security systems, but keycards aren’t your only option for an entry system. You can also utilize Bluetooth phone readers, which automatically unlock the doors when they recognize someone’s device approaching the door. 

For even stronger security, consider biometric solutions, which grant access through facial recognition, palm readers—and in ultra-secure areas—even retina scanners. Combine access control solutions to allow employees to choose their preferred method: card, phone, or hand scan.

4. Sync Controls with Time & Attendance Solutions 

Are you installing keycard readers in a school or university? We can integrate card access systems with time and attendance solutions that will log when users enter, marking them present or late in the system. In healthcare facilities, we can incorporate temperature readers that deny access to anyone with a fever. 

5. Incorporate the Garage or Parking Lot 

Why wait until someone’s at the door to verify their identity? Security can start in your parking lots and garages by implementing keycard readers or License Plate Recognition (LPR) capabilities. These automated systems will help reduce congestion in busy garages, facilitate vetting larger vehicles like buses, and add extra security to outdoor areas. 

6. Include Cabinets, Lockers & Unique Doors 

Keycard readers aren’t limited to standard doors or turnstiles. You can apply access control technology to unique settings like storage lockers, cabinets, sliding doors, and difficult installations like glass, wood, or steel doors. 

7. Integrate with Other Security Solutions 

Keycards don’t have to be siloed in their own entry system. We integrate access control readers to perform in sync with surveillance cameras, alarms, sensors, lighting, and other security devices. Through one control system, you can create schedules and settings, grouping devices for seamless management. 

Are you ready to install a keycard security system in the Milwaukee area? Fearing’s is here to Make a Difference by creating safer work and school environments and giving back to the community. Contact us here to get started today!