Know Your Options to Get the Sound & Features You Need 

Many organizations rely on PA systems to communicate—schools, stores, airports, gyms, etc. But the solutions that work in those spaces may not be the best fit for warehouses. 

In warehouses, people are on their feet with their hands full, so they need a way to receive information without carrying a two-way radio or phone. Warehouses often contain many different areas, from the quiet office to the bustling loading dock area. Your warehouse needs a paging system that projects announcements at the appropriate volume level and offers the input options you need. 

We’ve installed warehouse paging systems in Wisconsin plants like Cardinal Glass that are customized to suit the building’s size and loudness. Let’s explore different paging system options to help you find the perfect solution for your Milwaukee warehouse. 

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Where Do You Need Sound? 

Before installing a warehouse paging system, we need to consider every area it touches. Warehouses aren’t like offices, where most rooms are used for the same function. In a warehouse, you might find a receiving area, storage room, loading and unloading zone, reception area, office, and more. Some rooms may be so loud that hearing protection is needed. Others may be much quieter. 

The size of each room and the volume levels inside will influence the types of amplifiers and speakers installed. Multi-zone amplifiers will let you page different areas separately, so you don’t bother departments irrelevant to the public address. Loud spaces need more powerful speakers or horns to ensure your message is heard clearly. 

What Will You Use the PA System For? 

Many warehouses play music to amp up their staff and boost the mood during the workday. If you want more than a basic paging system, we can set you up with different audio inputs, including music streamers, radio, tone generators and buzzers, and paging microphones. Multi-zone mixer amps and paging systems allow you to seamlessly switch between announcements, music, and buzzers, so you can alternate between background sound and important alerts. 

What Speakers Should You Use?  

The size of each room and volume levels inside will determine which kind of speakers we’ll install and where. Low-ceiling, low-volume warehouses often get by with basic pendant audio loudspeakers on the ceiling. In vast, open spaces where vehicles and people are coming and going, you’re best off with horn loudspeakers. 

Horn speakers are much louder than conventional cone loudspeakers—producing approximately ten times more sound than cone speakers! The only downside? Horn speakers can’t accurately play low bass frequencies, so they shouldn’t be used when high-fidelity audio is desired. But in large warehouses, horn speakers’ impactful sound makes them the best choice. 

Ready for a Warehouse Paging System in Milwaukee? 

At Fearing’s, we’re dedicated members of the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) association and strive to be at the forefront of industry changes for our clients in the Milwaukee, WI, area. Our expert technicians provide commercial solutions, including PA systems, video surveillance, access control, and mass notification systems to improve daily operations and safety. 

If your warehouse is ready for a new state-of-the-art paging system, contact us here to learn more about our services and to get started today!