Whiteboards are at the heart of collaboration. It’s one of the simplest ways to brainstorm and get ideas out on the table. But when the brainstorming is done, then what do you do? Take a photo of the board and distribute the information? Copy it all down on paper and distribute it before it gets erased? Then you have to clean the whiteboard; erg! Sure, you can erase it with an eraser but does it really get it clean?

And how many conference rooms have a whiteboard on one side of the room and a flat panel display or projection system on the other? This is a waste.   Now, there is the “smart board” that can perform as an interactive whiteboard – a display, and more – although it has a learning curve and if you don’t use it regularly you may never really master the curve. And then there is the cost for the equipment and software. . .

Here is an even better idea: What if there was a nearly indestructible whiteboard that was so easy to use that there was virtually no learning curve? What if you could save your ideas in a file at the touch of a button and email to everyone? What if you could be working on multiple whiteboard pages in a single session and you never had to erase? What if this same whiteboard could double as your presentation system? And what if you needed a whiteboard with interactive capabilities on an occasional basis? Enter the Steelcase eno Interactive Whiteboard System.

Start thinking “electronic whiteboard”. Something so simple to use, yet it removes all the frustrations of a regular whiteboard and the complexity of a smart board. The Steelcase eno Interactive Whiteboard does this. It provides simplicity and eliminates complexity yet offers all the benefits of a whiteboard without complicated software to buy or learn and can double as your presentation system. It may be time to think outside the box when it comes to whiteboards.