Schools For Haiti organization, Lois, and I would like to thank all of you who helped make the 1st Annual Schools For Haiti Dinner and Silent Auction Event on March 29th a major success! A very special thanks to our sponsors who made the event possible.

This update is a little slow in coming but the contributions continued to trickle in long after the event and we wanted to give you an accurate report on the money that was raised. That amount totaled $29,668.55! That is an incredible amount considering this was our first run at it.

Our featured speaker for the event, Haitian born Kesmy St. Louis, gave a compelling testimony and background on his village and the impact of education through Touch Ministries on his life.  The event went smoothly and was in done in time to catch the entire 2nd half of the Badger Elite 8 championship game. Go Badgers (for next year)!

The funds raised will go to expand our impact in Haiti through the support of quality Christian education and orphanages in the towns where Schools for Haiti operates. I will personally be attending a strategic planning meeting in June and I’m very excited about the possibilities for what can be accomplished in Haiti.

Thank you again for your support, it will be a blessing to many.


Doug Fearing

Check out more images from the event in our Facebook album, here